Saturday, April 23, 2016

Published Willow & Sage Summer 2016 magazine

As a Card Maker for over 20 years, I have accumulated A LOT of rubber stamps, pattern papers, and embellishments. While standing in the check out line at my local craft store, (yes, I'm still buying), I was drawn to the cover of Willow and Sage magazine. Flipping through the magazine I saw beautiful packaging, and thought, “I have all the supplies to do this.” So, I purchased my 1st copy. My husband, Tom bought me a subscription to Willow and Sage, and my next issue inspired me to try making my own hand cream. 
Cream Recipe:
8 ounces baby lotion
4 ounces Organic coconut oil
4 ounces Vitamin E cream
Mix with blender til creamy
I had several boxes from my parents home that I was going thru, and found newspapers from 1960. They were from the Church in Fort Worth, Texas, where my Dad was the Minister of Education. The great ad graphics were perfect for jar labels.
Labels can be book pages, wallpaper samples, food labels, and mail advertisements
I hope this helps you think outside the box, (or jar) for your packaging.

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