Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bible Art Class

Laura Kelley's Bible

I attended Laura Kelley's Bible Art Journaling class yesterday. She had just returned from a trip to Africa. You can read about her Swaziland visit on her  BLOG HERE. She always donates her class fees. The monies raised from this class will provide sewing machines for the women to make these gorgeous bags, which can be purchased at Timbali Crafts.

She begins the class with a prayer, and shares her story of  Bible Journaling. Somehow, with 5 kids, she finds time EVERY day to open her BIBLE.

She opens pages of her Bible, and explains how she did the artwork, and shares what message she received.

This week, I will be sharing my attempts at Bible Art.
I will use my stamps, because that is my comfort zone,
AND.... I have a LOT of stamps!

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